Flat Fee Per Project

We've streamlined the process to save you money and headaches.

Through our homeowner app, hands on project management, and Trusted Trade Network, we provide everything that is needed to maximize your home's energy efficiency with the shortest payback period possible.

All-Inclusive Pricing

We provide you with the guidance, trade network, and hands on project management to help make your home energy upgrades a breeze.

Pre and Post EnerGuide Energy Audits - Included

Energy audits provide a comprehensive assessment of your home's energy usage, identifying areas for improvement and recommending energy-saving solutions. A $1,000 value.

Complete Project Management

With our detailed approach and powerful project tracker, we bring your project to life so you can keep living your life.

Trade Management

We work with a small group of select trade companies that share our values around integrity, quality, and sustainability.

Save On More Than Just Your Energy Bills

A general contractor typically charges 10% to manage trades and does not include EnerGuide home energy audits, a $1,000 value.

Example: An energy upgrade project with upgrades costs of $40,000 to replace windows and install a new heat pump.

A general contractor would charge you $4,500 to manage the project.

With Paddio, you pay just $1,500, that is a 66% savings.

Now Serving British Columbia.

Discover how our holistic approach can help you reach your home energy goals.