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Discover our range of services designed to help homeowners improve their home's energy efficiency. From insulation and HVAC upgrades to solar panel installations, we offer comprehensive solutions that will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Heating & Cooling

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps have been around for a long time and have really come a long way in the past 10 years. Upgrading to a modern ultra-efficient heat pump will keep your home toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. They are 2-3 times as energy efficient as baseboards.

Lower Emissions

Depending on where you live, switching from gas or oil to electric heat pumps will drastically reduce your emission.

Climate Resilience

Experience comfortable temperatures inside all year round, regardless if the next heat dome or cold snap is here.

Energy Loss

Insulation Improvements

Insulation upgrades provide homeowners with improved energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and increased comfort. With our trusted trade network, we ensure a hassle-free process from start to finish.

Lower Bills

Upgrade your home's insulation to reduce energy waste and lower your monthly bills.

Increased Comfort

Experience improved comfort in your home with better insulation that keeps temperatures consistent.

Energy Loss

Window & Doors

Upgrade your windows to improve energy efficiency and save on costs. Our window replacements are designed to provide maximum insulation, reducing heat loss and minimizing drafts. With our trusted trade network, we ensure professional installation and guarantee long-lasting results.

Start saving on energy bills today!

Energy Loss

Air Sealing

Stop the unwanted airflow through your home's exterior. Air sealing is the quickest and most cost effective way reduce your homes energy loss and improve comfort.

Energy Gain

Solar Panels

Create your own electricity by adding solar panels to your roof or property. It's never been more cost affordable generate your own power.

10-12 year payback

Depending on where you live, you could pay back the cost of the panels about halfway through their life expectancy, usually 25 years. Afterwards, that's free energy!

Many Options

Solar panels come in many shapes and sizes, from traditional panels to shingle like tiles that cover your entire roof.

A house fitted with solar panels sits cool on a hot summers day thanks to recent energy retrofits.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions about our services, processes, and expected outcomes.

How does it work?

Our process is simple. First, we assess your home's energy needs. Then, we connect you with our trusted trade network to complete the necessary upgrades. Finally, we provide financing options to make it affordable for you.

What are the benefits?

By completing home energy upgrades, you can enjoy lower energy bills, increased comfort, and reduced environmental impact. Additionally, you may qualify for incentives and rebates.

How long does it take?

The duration of the process depends on the specific upgrades needed for your home. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline during the assessment phase. But to access all of the grants and rebates, plan for at least 3 months.

Is financing available?

Yes, we offer financing options to make home energy upgrades affordable for homeowners. Our team will guide you through the available financing programs.

Are there any incentives?

Depending on your location, there may be incentives and rebates available for completing home energy upgrades. Our team will provide you with information on any applicable incentives.

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